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Writing Our Stories


Writing Our Stories 2

Young Writers Find Voices in Writing Our Stories

To the scores of many fine new books offered by publishers across this country every fall, the Alabama Writers' Forum has added its own tradition of new releases. Young voices from Writing Our Stories: An Anti-Violence Creative Writing Program are debuted in anthologies published as the culmination of this thriving juvenile justice and literary arts partnership.

The Alabama Writers' Forum and the Department of Youth Services have collaborated on the Writing Our Stories curriculum guide . It has been researched and published with the help of a generous grant from the Children's Trust Fund. The guide is a resource for both new and experienced teachers of creative writing.

Writing Our Stories takes place through a cooperative arrangement between the Alabama Writers' Forum and the Alabama Department of Youth Services (DYS). Funding for the project, which includes nine months of instruction, as well as in-service training and anthology editing, is provided by DYS and the Alabama State Council on the Arts (ASCA).

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