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New Releases—Poetry

New Releases—Poetry

Biblia Pauperum by T. Crunk, Accents Publishing, 2013. $15, Paper.

Maleficae by Emma Bolden, GenPop Books, 2013. $14, Paper
Sweet Aegis – Medusa Poems by Melissa Dickson, Negative Capability Press, 2013. $15.95, Paper.

The Chapbook, Vol. 2 by Alan May, ed., CreateSpace, 2013. $8.10, Paper; Free, Online.

The Sky Between Us by Irene Latham, Blue Rooster Press, 2014. $14.95, Paper.

The Sound of Falling by Vernon Fowlkes, Jr., Negative Capability Press, 2013. $15.95, Paper.

White Trash & Southern, Collected Poems, Vol. I by C. S. Fuqua, Cooperative Ink, 2013. $9.95, Paper; $4.95; eBook.

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