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Score! 50 Poems To Motivate and Inspire

By: Charles Ghigna; Illustrated by Julia Gorton
Reviewed by: Linda A. McQueen
Abrams Books for Young Readers, 2008
$15.95, Hardcover

Do you or a friend need a boost, a little inspiration to get you to that goal or accomplish that dream? If you answered “yes,” then look no further. Charles Ghigna, a resident of Homewood, Alabama, and author or more than thirty books of poetry, has written a collection of fifty poems that inspire everyone-children, parents, athletes, coaches, teachers, and graduates from middle, high school, or college.

Ghigna, known as Father Goose, believes in the power of positive thinking. Score! 50 Poems to Motivate and Inspire builds a sense of self-confidence in one’s abilities with style, catchy rhymes, humor, and passion. It also inspires character traits. The poems are only four lines long, such as the following poems from the book—little poems that you can carry along in your head:

The Spirit of Play

The final score is more than how
We win or lose with pride;
It’s how we play the game of life
With laughter on our side.

Dream Catcher

Allow yourself to fish each day
Within life’s little streams,
For that is where we often find
Just how to catch our dreams.

Test of Character

Character is built each time
We face up to the test;
The two most difficult, of course,
Are failure and success.

The illustrator, Julia Gorton, does an excellent rendition of translating the words into spectacular illustrations that are so vivid that the reader feels reassurance and self-confidence.

This book is a good companion to that favorite classic Dr. Seuss book Oh the Places You’ll Go! And like Dr. Seuss this children’s book of poems transcends that genre to reach readers of all ages. Best of all, it brightens your spirits when life throws you a curveball. June 2008

Linda A. McQueen is the Library Media Specialist at McNeel School-DYS Vacca Campus and a cooperating teacher in the Writing Our Stories program.

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