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2018 Year-End Appeal Honorees

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Writers, librarians, and literary arts leaders were honored by donations in their name during the 2018 Year End Appeal. Donations of $25 or more were suggested to celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Alabama Writers’ Forum founding in 1993.

There is still time to add to honor someone who influenced you as a young writer, student, or reader! You may donate $25 (or more) and name your honoree who will be added to this roster.


Erna Dungee Allen

Annie Laurie Awbrey

Elizabeth Benedict

Jake Berry

Rick Bragg

Mis' Lou Brown

Jim Buford

Mickey Cleverdon

Daniel L. Coberly

Ruth B. Cook

Anne Chancey Dalton

Wayne Greenhaw

Aileen Kilgore Henderson

Patti Callahan Henry

Jennifer Horne

Randall Horton

Chervis Isom

Rheta Grimsley Johnson

Madison Jones

Jo S. Kittinger

Irene Latham

Nelle Harper  Lee

A.A. Milne

Heather L. Montgomery

Jule Moon

Sena Jeter Naslund

David Nicholson

Jack Owens

Susie Paul

Elise Picard

Wendy Reed

Ed Reynolds

Bonnie Roberts

Louis Skipper

N. L. Snowden

Alina Stefanescu

Jeanie Thompson

T.K. Thorne

Mack Vann

Allen Wier

Dr. Jake Adam York

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