• Zelda & Me

    In March 1922 F. Scott Fitzgerald published his second novel, and Burton Rascoe, an enterprising editor at the New York Tribune, went to the Plaza where the Fitzgeralds were living and asked Zelda to review it. Review a spouse’s book? How? This was unheard of!

    Right this minute I find on various surfaces around the house my wife’s attractive new collection of stories, Tell the World You’re a Wildflower. Friends have dared me to review it. If Zelda can, I can. Read More

  • Fun with Digital Signatures

    By Michael Patton

    Recently, Alabama native and beloved author William “Bill” Cobb read from his collection of short fiction Sweet Home: Stories of Alabama (SixFinger Publishing, 2013) at Eclipse Coffee & Books, the bookstore I own with my wife Cheryl, in Montevallo, Alabama.

    We’ve hosted Bill there many times before in the thirteen years we’ve been open, but this time was different in one important way that I’ve been thinking about ever since. This time, Bill was also selling his book as an eBook. Read More

  • From Print to Radio

    By Jacquie Wee Brasher

    I was fired from the small-town newspaper I was working for in 2008—apparently a banner year in layoffs at newspapers—and, by that time, I had been working in print journalism in two states for twelve years. Read More